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Ever since the Abbotts arrived in Genoa City they have made their presence felt. At first, John and his son Jack were the first to settle themselves in GC. John started his own bussiness , although Jack had no absolute interest at the time. Having achieve their wealth through hardwork, the Abbotts always had their share of problems. After Dina (mother of Jack , Ashley, and Traci)had left her family, John was left to raise his children himself and still juggle a bussiness, Jabot. Jabot made money for itself but was slowly falling apart. Victor Newman took Jabot away from the Abbotts, and owned it as a part of Newman Enterprises. It was then recaputured back ,by Jack, as a deal he made with Victor. If Victor gave him Jabot , he would give him his wife up to him, Nikki Reed Abbott. John raised his children to be smart, and intellegent people , even though the future would teach them valuable lessons.



After John divorced Dina , his next lady would be none other then the Bitch we all love to hate...Jill Foster Abbott. She then became wife number 2 and 3. I guess for Jill third times a charm, because she had the child she had been obsessing of(with John), William Foster Abbott, whom she named after her father. From being a simple beautician for Katherine Chancellor, Jill has risen to many heights, not only professionaly but finantially as well. Jill came from an average american family, The Fosters, and pushed her intellegence to many heights. Now an excecutive at Jabot, Jill has made her stand, and is very well respected professionally , but personally , is another story!!


Jack Abbott has done everything except fly to the moon! Jack as been married to some of the most beautiful women in the world and has had steamy love affairs with others, such as Lauren Fenmore, Diane Jenkens , Leanna Randolph and yes, even NIKKI NEWMAN (when she was still married to victor)! Jack is a brillient bussiness-man and has that kniving back stabbing aspect under wraps, and uses it to his advantages when needed. Jack has a BA from Harvard ,and MBA from Wharton School of Finance.


Ashley Suzanne Abbott, a strong and independent woman who recently has had alot on her mind. With her baby on the way, Ashley has hit some emotional curbs. Her most fresh interaction with Victor has caused her nothing but heart-break and a reality check, insted of utter happiness and bliss. Through out her life, Ashley never had any luck with men. Her last husband Cole, did not want to give her child and left to persue a career at Oxford University in England. She has always appeared to be John's favorite child, but much to his dismay , he is still unaware that she is not biologically his. In fact she is actually Brent Davis',who her mother Dina had an affair with, behind John's back. Professionally Ashley is a great sucess; she runs a lab for Jabot and holds a excecutive position just as her brother, Jack. Unfortunatly Miss Abbotts personal life has been filled with its share of disappiontments.


Traci Abbott, a novelist, has overcome her share of burdens and has payed the price a few times. Traci suffered from low self-esteem and insucurity during the time she was having eating disorders and weight problems. Traci picked up her act and attened Genoa City University ,and then went on to Stanford. She recived a masters in English. Although the character of Traci is not on the Y&R any longer, she does pop up once in a while. Traci currently lives in the Big Apple with her forth husband, Steve connelly ,and her daughter, Colleen(who's fathered by none other then , Golden Boy himself, Brad Carlton).

Johns youngest, has made his presence felt in this short time he has been a resident of GC. William Foster Abbott (Billy), lived with his father in New York City , and came to GC to vist his mother Jill. What Billy did not know was that he'd be staying in Genoa a lot longer then he planned. In this short time, Billy has managed to become one of the most popular kids at Walnut Grove Acadamy, meet the love of his life(Mac), and have a near death experience due to the abuse of alchohol. Billy has turned his life around and managed to fix up his relationship with his mother, which didn't start off on agood foot. He is very close with his siblings, Ashley and Jack, even though they are much older.

Actors that have portrayed the Abbotts...

John Abbott
-Brett Halsey/1980-1982
-Jerry Douglas/1982-....
Dina Abbott Mergeron -Marla Adams/1983-1986,1991,1996
Ashley Suzanne Abbott
-Eileen Davidson/1982-1988
-Brenda Epperson Doumani/1988-1995
-Shari Shattuck/1996-1999
-Eileen Davidson/1999-....
Jack Abbott
-Terry Lester/1980-1989
-Peter Bergman/1989-....
Traci Abbott Connelly -Beth Maitland/1982-1996
Jill Foster Abbott
-Brenda Dickson/1973-1980,1983-1987
-Bond Gideon/1980
-Deborah Adair/1980-83
-Jess Walton/1987-....
William(Billy)Foster Abbott
-Shane Silver/1993-1995
-Blake Pontollo/1994-1995
-Josh M. Rose/1995-1996
-Scotty Leavenworth/1996-1997
-David Tom/1999-....